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Here are a few images of some recent projects in Southern California

Open air cabana and fireplace

In many Southern California homes, our temperate climate makes outdoor living easy by adding or enhancing your outdoor spaces with attractive and functional patios and decks.   There are many types and sizes of patios that add greater usefulness to your outdoor spaces.   Here are a few patio design ideas that can add value to your home as well as enjoyment to your lifestyle.

If size permits, separate your patio into more than one usable space. You can use a pergola, different levels or permanent seating to define areas. Durable fabrics combined with awnings or protection from the elements help to make the space more comfortable to use. If you separate areas by flower or garden beds, you can add the scent of herbs and flowers to the outdoor living space.

Use plantings to add beauty and to define areas of use on your patio.  Plants provide natural screens and they also attract birds and butterflies if you plant appropriate greenery.  Larger plants provide shade and screening from such items as nosy neighbors and traffic noise.  The larger plants also help to clean carbon dioxide from the air and add oxygen.

Another feature of your patio that you should consider is a patio heater. A gas or electric heater helps make the outdoor space more comfortable during cooler evenings.  Adding a connection for gas or electricity is easily done during the process and makes a big difference in using the space later.

Outdoor grill area

When we sit down with owners to design an outdoor space we also look at enhancements like accent and area lighting.   Accent lighting adds to the ambiance of a conversation area. We’ll also make recommendations for the most appropriate task lighting for the grill area or eating areas, for example.  With many choices to make, we’ll show you what’s worked on prior projects and what is possible for your home.

Finally, consider ways to tie together your outdoor space with rest of your property.  A well designed and executed walk way, path or deck ties together your spaces into a cohesive whole.  We have extensive experience in tile, hardwoods, ceramic, marble and pave stones.  We can help you plan the exterior space as well as the best way to integrate it into your total property.

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