Kitchen and Living Spaces

Kitchen Upgrades

Kitchen remodel





Experts advise that one of the best renovations you can do to improve your home’s resale value is a kitchen remodel. We can help you get the most bang for your buck without breaking the bank. Here are a few of the best ways to improve the looks and value of your kitchen:

  • New Cabinets – this can include completely new cabinets or just new doors (for a lot less $$)
  • New Flooring – flooring can be easier than you think due to new products and options
  • Countertops – always a big improvement, we can help you decide the best materials to use
  • Backsplash – these make a nice impact on improving the overall look of the countertop area
  • New Sink and Faucets – a great thing to do if you’re upgrading your countertop

Living Space Updates

Nothing adds utility and improved value like living space updates.  There are just so many options to explore.






A few of the most popular updates and modifications include:

  • ¬†windows and doors – energy efficient, sound-proofing and beautiful updates and improvements.
  • New flooring – a variety of options exist in new hardwood, composite, cork or laminates.
  • Baseboards and crown molding – these additions greatly change the character of any living space.
  • Paint, plaster repair, upgraded HVAC and more…


Outdoor Living Spaces

In many modern homes, outdoor living is made possible through attractive and functional patios and decks. There are many types and sizes of patios that add an additional season or two of use to your patio. Here are a few patio design ideas that can add value to your home as well as enjoyment to your lifestyle.

If size permits, separate your patio into more than one usable space. You can use a pergola, different levels or permanent seating to define areas. Durable fabrics combined with awnings or protection from the elements help to make the space more comfortable to use. If you separate areas by flower or garden beds, you can add the scent of herbs and flowers to the outdoor living space.

Use plantings to add beauty and to define areas of use on your patio. Plants provide natural screens/ They also attract birds and butterflies if you plant appropriate greenery. Larger plants provide shade and screening from such items as nosy neighbors and traffic noise. The larger plants also help to clean carbon dioxide from the air and add oxygen.

Another feature of your patio that you should consider is a patio heater. A gas or electric heater adds weeks or months of comfortable outdoor living to your home each year. Adding connections for gas or electricity is usually done by a professional installer, but once installed, the use of the equipment is as simple as turning it on or igniting the pilot light.

Patio design ideas that add to comfort in others ways are helpful. Lighting that will add to the ambiance of a conversation area might be insect repellent as well. Furniture used on the patio or deck should be comfortable to use and should be durable. Common choices are rattan, plastic or teak, depending upon the level of expense that you choose to furnish the patio.

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