Recent Projects

Some recent Southern California projects:

Residential Project – 200 Sq. Foot Office Addition

"Before" exterior view

Here’s a recent room addition in Long Beach – approx. 200 square feet for a home office.  Construction details included a reinforced concrete slab, tie-in to the existing low-pitch composite covered roof and an interior that featured a California-construction.  California construction is an interior space that has only a pitched ceiling plan and does not have an horizontal ceiling.  Building a space with a pitched ceiling plan requires exterior walls that are heavily reinforced to carry the weight of the roof structure as well as remaining very rigid to meet earthquake building codes.  Finishing out the space, the homeowners selected recessed lights and casement opening low-e windows on one side of the structure and low-e fixed windows facing West.  Heavily insulated exterior walls and ceilings make this addition a very energy efficient structure.  During inspection, the city representative stated this was one of the best designed, integrated and constructed addition they had seen in a long time.

"Before" Interior View

Here’s how the project came out – stucco exterior, composite roof, roof-mounted venting skylight, low-e glass windows and casement opening windows and french-door opening and transition to the existing living space.

Exterior view - new office addition

Interior of Office Addition

Interior View of Office Addition

Exterior Details - Office Addition

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